Game Of Thrones Will Be Getting A Reunion Special

There’s still a bit of a wait until the final season of Game Of Thrones hits our screens, but it appears that we may be getting a lot more than we bargained for – as a reunion special for the show has just been confirmed.

Credit: HBO
According to Entertainment Weekly, the special, which will be hosted by Conan O’Brien, was filmed in Belfast earlier this year and features loads of everyone’s favourite characters who have died throughout the show’s airing – and with sightings of Jason Momoa and Sean Bean in Belfast at the time of the filming, it looks like we might be seeing the return of Khal Drogo and Ned Stark. Not as their characters, obviously, but STILL!
The special apparently won’t be going out live on television, though. Instead, it will feature on a Game of Thrones complete seasons box set that is likely to come out a few months after the show has finished.
Credit: HBO

Fans have been getting themselves in a bit of a tizzy, as the latest marketing campaign for the final season has been rubbing people up the wrong way.

While there are thousands of fans who are well and truly up to date with the entire series (and to be completely fair, there has been seven whole seasons worth of time for those who want to watch the show to catch up), it appears that some people who were hoping to jump onto the bandwagon before the final season premiered has had the show ‘already ruined for them’, as the latest marketing campaign includes pictures from some of the biggest moments in Game Of Thrones history.

Credit: HBO


With moments like Joffrey’s extremely satisfying death, the moment Daenerys emerged from the fire with her dragon babies, the Arya/Walder Frey moment and many more being shown on posters in New York subways, fans have rushed to Reddit to voice their frustration with HBO, because how DARE they spoil the show for people who haven’t gotten off their arses and seen it yet?!

Credit: HBO

What do you think about the marketing strategy?

Words by Katey Roberts.