11 Year After Being Released, GTA San Andreas Is Looking Better Than Ever

Who knew that GTA games aged like wine? Thanks to the wonderful folks in the GTA modding community, we’re able to see San Andreas in a whole new light. A couple of users over at the GTAForums (Where all of these images are from) have been hard at work on new mods to put a stunning fresh coat of paint on the classic game.

It’s hard to believe that all of these screenshots are from GTA San Andreas, but check it out: 

mod1 mod2 mod3

These pics might be the biggest improvements to a game’s graphics via modding that we’ve seen, when you consider where it started and how it looks in these screenshots, it’s incredible work.




gta1 gta2

Shoutout to XMakarusX, Marty McFly, TomBomb, Syphonosis, Abby Radke, and anyone else who contributed to these mods from the GTAForums.com. Keep it up!