10 Worst Videogames That Made Huge Amount of Money


Credit: Deep Silver

Homefront had a lot going for it. The concept for the campaign was unique and had the potential to be very interesting. From the moment it was announced, gamers thought that it was going to be a standout FPS experience in an overpopulated genre.

However, upon release, it failed to live up to any of those expectations. Homefront’s campaign was a measly 5 hours long and the level design was incredibly stale. Despite being a huge disappointment, Homefront still sold 2.6 million copies.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Credit: Nintendo

The war between the Nintendo and Sega mascots has been raging since Sonic made his first appearance in 1991. When Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games was announced, the gaming world was buzzing at the thought of having two gaming icons from different developers co-star in a game like this.


However, upon release, the mini-game based title failed to impress. The Wii controls were pretty bad and the games weren’t interesting enough to make the game worth playing more than a few times. However, the game still sold over 7 million copies.