Young Man dressed as ‘Batman’ is protecting kids from Creepy Clowns


The Creepy Clown phenomenon has taken over the world…for the worse. The trend which first started in the U.S has now spread to other parts of the world as well and the U.K in general is reporting hundreds of these creepy sightings.

clown creepy

Some harmless while others more concerning with people reporting sightings of clowns carrying baseball bats and also trying to lure kids into the woods. However, you need not fear these pesky clowns if you happen to live in the city of Cumbria, United Kingdom.

That’s because someone has taken it upon himself to tackle these menace and especially save the kids from being harmed by these clowns.

What’s more he’s doing in while dressing up as Batman. What more can you ask? Check out the images on the next page.