3 Cities That Are Reportedly Being Considered For GTA 6

gta 6

With the existence of GTA 6 promoting more mystery and rumours than any other game out there at the moment, there is one thing that remains at the core of gamers and fans minds when thinking about a new installment. Where will it be set? Even though GTA 5 is still doing well online. It’s forward that Rockstar will be looking.

There’s been a few inklings so far. To name one, could Tokyo by the next blueprint for Rockstar’s series? Maybe. Here’s a few cities that may be the next location for the epic that GTA 6 will surely be.

There’s also been a lot of rumours that Rockstar has abandoned development work on GTA 6 to focus more on Grand Theft Auto online but it’s a given that the game will eventually come out.


However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any talk about where the next GTA game might take place. We look at three possible locations where the game might be going in its sixth installment.