Zenimax Trademarking ‘Nuka Cola’

Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax has started to file trademarks for Fallout’s infamous beverage Nuka Cola. What the company has planned for the new trademark file is unknown but perhaps we’ll soon be sipping on a nice refreshing Nuka Cola in the near future.

The files are labeled as “intent to use” which means that the trademarks are not for protecting past projects. In fact, there’s three trademarks for merchandise, online gaming and mobile software though we have no clue as to what Zenimax has planned. Besides merchandise, perhaps Nuka Cola is setting up for a bigger project, I’m not saying Fallout 4 big but it seems the company has an idea for some type of application or video game media.

Nothing official has been released by Zenimax or Bethesda but how cool would it be to get a Nuka Cool in stores? The drink has been mentioned throughout Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas but until more information is released, we can only speculate as to what Nuka Cola trademark will be used for.