You Can Now Play Squid Game In CS:GO

That’s right, the popular Netflix show Squid Game is now playable in CS:GO thanks to a new mod.

The mod, called CS:GO Squid Game, has been released on the Steam Workshop and is available for download right now. Up to 64 players can compete in the game, and all six of the show’s challenges are playable.

The mod’s creator, Gabe Follower, says it took a few months of work but that all game modes are now fully working. You can check it out with the tweet below.

As mentioned, all game modes are in this modded version of CS:GO. The sets from the show have been faithfully recreated with some small twists.

What Games Are Included?

  • “Red Light, Green Light”, where players must cross a field only when prompted.
  • “Cookie”, which is the game where players must cut a shape out of sugar honeycombs. In typical CS:GO fashion, players can use a knife.
  • “Tug of War”, where two teams try to pull the other team off the edge while tied to a rope.
  • “Marbles”, where players bet on how many marbles their opponent is holding.
  • “The Glass Tile Game”, where players cross a bridge made up of regular and tempered glass.

Lastly, the game ends in a knife fight between the final survivors and a winner is declared.

It definitely looks like a lot of effort was put into this mod, and it should be fun for CS:GO players and Squid Game fans alike.

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Featured Image Credit: Valve/Gabe Follower