Xbox’s Phil Spencer Not Mad at Bungie After Alignment With PlayStation for Destiny

Not too long ago, there was a time when Microsoft owned Bungie. It was very surprising to see Bungie regained its independence with Destiny and aligned with Sony with timed exclusive. As a result of all these, an alpha beta will come to the PlayStation July 17th. Not only that, they will also offer a special PS4 Destiny bundled. But Xbox boss Phil Spencer got news for us, he is not mad at the developers for their decisions.

When asked if Microsoft was mad at Bungie, he says “No, not at all. Just want them to build a great game.”

It’s good to see head of Xbox don’t mind. It was reportedly Bungie favoring Sony over Microsoft for Destiny. But it was latter declined by David Dague.

Destiny will launches on September 9h for PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 and other consoles.