WoW Token Not Available – How To Fix

The ‘WoW Token not available error’ plagues the World of Warcraft community from time to time, and it can get really annoying. Things such as server downtime and the like are obviously going to affect grabbing the token, but what are WoW Tokens and how do they work?

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Credit: Blizzard

What Are They? – WoW Token Not Available

A WoW Token represents a 30-day pass for The World of Warcraft, or 2700 minutes if players need to be more precise. Players can purchase WoW Token through the in-game shop for real money, but can also put them up for sale in the Auction House to sell on for the current market value for in-game gold.

This approach stops any form of farming or unhealthy gameplay habits that could be exploited for cold hard cash. When players buy a WoW Token from an auction house for in-game gold, they receive an in-game physical WoW Token item, This WoW Token then becomes Soulbound and must be kept in a player’s bag.

Players can consume the WoW Token in-game to redeem 30-days playtime or redeem it through the character select screen for inactive accounts. If an inactive player doesn’t have a WoW token in their inventory, they can purchase one directly from the character select screen for the current market price using in-game gold. This gold amount will be deducted evenly from all of the player’s characters on the selected server.

Credit: Blizzard

WoW Token Not Available

There are some situations that make it near impossible for players to buy WoW Tokens, hence the error. Here are some quick ways to get around this error and get back into the World of Warcraft:

WoW Token Not Available From Character Select Screen

This can happen if your version of World of Warcraft isn’t up to date or the Blizzard servers are experiencing issues. If you can, try purchasing one for real money at the in-game shop or at the auction house. If this isn’t a possibility, please contact Blizzard Support.

Are You Using a VPN Or Foreign Currency?

Buying WoW tokens in-game with real money can be a challenge if your bank account region doesn’t match the region of the server. If for whatever reason players are using VPN services to mask their real location, this will affect players buying WoW Tokens for in-game currency.

Players may also be trying to buy a WoW Token in the auction house that has been purchased in a different region. Blizzard unfortunately do not allow this due to Tokens having different values in different regions.

WoW Tokens May Be Currently Disabled

There’s been the odd time during the history of the World of Warcraft where WoW Tokens have been taken down from sale due to a bug or exploit that is currently being fixed. There may be a reason why the token has been disabled in your region specifically too. Check the Blizzard Support forums if this is the case.


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