Blizzard Reveals The Next World of Warcraft Expansion: Dragonflight

Blizzard Reveals Dragonflight, The Next World of Warcraft Expansion

A Blizzard livestream has revealed the next World of Warcraft expansion: Dragonflight. In this latest WoW expansion, Dragonflight sees the dragonflights of Azeroth returning to the game’s modern world – as shown in the new cinematic trailer below. “A thrilling adventure into their legendary homeland”, as said by Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, it will be … Read more

Blizzard has added a Stan Lee NPC into World of Warcraft

That is right Blizzard have added an NPC which wanders around the Stormwind Keep in memorandum of Stan Lee. The NPC is even sporting Lee’s iconic sunglasses. The NPC wanders around the Keep greeting other NPC guard with a friendly wave and says ‘Excelsior!’. Check out a video of Stan Lee’s NPC character in action … Read more

Modder Is Recreating The Entire World of Warcraft Universe In Skyrim

World Of Warcraft is one of the biggest games ever with one of the most dedicated communities ever, and it was only a matter of time before it joined forces with the behemoth that is Skyrim, via a hardcore mod. That time actually came back in 2012 , when two modders by the names of Hellscreamy and Celsiuz … Read more