Sony Answers if the PS Vita’s Remote-Play Need to be Through the PS4

Through recent news, we have learned that the PS Vita is so far the best companion for the PS4. There was never really much of a benefit between the Vita and the PS3, which probably explains the reason why it wasn’t successful enough. A main question that has been buzzing around is if the PS Vita will require to be connected to the PS4 in order to download the PS4 games, or if the user will be able to download it through Wi-Fi internet.

Well fans didn’t have to wait very long for the answer because Shuhei Yoshida himself answered many of the burning questions through twitter. Check out the screenshots below:

shuheiyoshidatweet shuheiyoshidatweet2

So it is official, users can download their PS4 games on their PS Vita through Wi-Fi without connecting it to their PS4, and obviously the quality of the connection will affect how well the user downloads their game. Games that require the PS4 eye will not be available on the PS Vita, due to its different hardware.

What do you fans think of this news?