Why You Should Buy PS4 This Year

The PlayStation 4 has been making a lot of noise since its release last November. PlayStation Gang tells you why it matters and why you should buy PS4.

While the holiday season is starting to wind down, it’s still in full effect. Some folks might not have had the chance to celebrate while others are sitting on presents of money and/or gift cards. And, of course, there are still plenty of special deals still going on.

For those of you out there who fit into either of those two aforementioned categories, know someone with a birthday around the holidays, or simply want to buy a gift for yourself, you’d have a hard time finding a better choice than the incredibly popular PlayStation 4 if you’re a gamer.

Even the most passive video game fans out there are aware that Sony and Microsoft officially brought in the next generation with the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. And they did so with varying price points, as you can buy the PS4 for around $399 while the latest Xbox will run you upwards of $499. Right off the bat, that $100 difference will sway you in the direction of the cheaper option, but your decision will rely on much more than the dollar amount. The biggest draw, as you may know, is the selection of games that’s already available and soon-coming to the PS4.

As for those that you can purchase right now, here are just five that are worthy of addition to anyone’s collection. That goes for those about to receive a PS4 as a gift and those who may be a little unsure about which game to grab next.


Need for Speed: Rivals – Every racing gamer on the planet is familiar with the Need for Speed series and Rivals proves exactly why that is. With breathtaking graphics, blistering speeds, and those trademark white-knuckle cop chases, this game will please the racing lover you know and maybe even turn someone into one.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Sure, the multiplayer gaming isn’t necessarily up to snuff when compared to its contemporaries, but the latest Killzone is still, well, a killer. The single-player mode is second to very few and those wanting to game with others will be able to do that. Just don’t expect anything close to, say, a Call of Duty.

FIFA 14 – Even if you’re not a fan of soccer (or football, depending on where you live), you’ll find a lot to love about this year’s FIFA. It’s realistic, looks phenomenal, and will up the competitive ante amongst you and your friends. Good luck not getting sucked into this one.

Resogun – Are you (or your gaming friend/family member) an old-school game fan? Good, because Resogun will satisfy your shooter craving that comes with being an older video game aficionado. If that doesn’t apply to you, chances are you’ll dig the fast-paced, colorful, and action-packed experience.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – You might think it’s for kids, but think again, gamers. The LEGO game series was seriously stepped up here, especially for the Marvel Comics lovers out there. They’ll find every hero they can imagine in this one—more than 100!—with the puzzles and action to keep any good gamer intrigued.

More Reasons to Buy PS4

If you’re still not sold—and how could you not be with those games alone?—you need to remember that this system is still in its infancy. That means the bigger games are on the way and will definitely make this purchase a justified one. Just look at what the guys at PlayStation Gang are hoping will be made in this article. If only one one of those is announced, we’ll be good. Why? Because there are plenty that have actually been announced that will leave you glued to your PS4.


As anyone with or wanting one of these consoles should know full well, there’s a lot to look forward to this coming year. The massive multiplayer online role-playing gamers (MMORPGs, for shorthand) will have their fix with the Elder Scrolls Online, which is expected to take the Elder Scrolls world to another dimension. And then there’s the PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son that introduces new character Delsin Rowe, whose narrative will be shaped by the decisions you make as a gamer. Just look at this five-minute videoof footage if you need convincing.

If that’s not enough action for you,Watch Dogs is looking pretty amazing, too. It aims to bring a groundbreaking gameplay experience. Gamers will be asked to hack cellphones, security systems, and more to achieve their goals of taking down the bad guys in Chicago. As you can probably tell, this list can go on and on considering games like Star Wars: Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, DriveClub, etc… Yeah.

But as any gamer in the post-PlayStation 3 world knows full well, it’s not all about the actual gaming experience anymore. There are, as a result, a bevy of other reasons why purchasing a PS4 for someone makes for one hell of a gift.

One can argue that the PS4 necessarily can’t be the “be-all, end-all” device that the Xbox One aims to be in terms of doing everything on it. But that also doesn’t mean that whoever receives the PS4 as a gift (including yourself!) is going to miss out on anything, at all. In addition to killing it in terms of pure video game content—from the graphics to the actual games—he or she be able to mess around with a ton of apps that make it more than just, well, a gaming console.

buy PS4

For one, there are an absolute ton of options available in the realm of video streaming, as made evident on Mashable. If you’re an avid sports fan, there are apps like NBA Game Time and NHL Game Center Live readily available. Should you want to watch movies on-demand, there are popular streaming services available for use like Hulu Plus, Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, and Redbox Instant. There’s even a choice app for music lovers—Verizon points to the somewhat-unknown VidZone that allows you to stream high-definition music videos on your PS4 for free.

The app is also free to download, which is a plus, and you can do stuff like make playlists and share your favorite videos on your favorite social media networks. Be sure to take notice of that playlist feature for your potential gift recipient, particularly if they regularly throw parties. An hour or two of music videos playing in the background would make for even better background noise-turned-conversation starter than your typical mix of mp3s or CDs.

So yeah, you (and/or your gift recipient) may not be using, say, Skype on his or her PS4 like you would on a certain Microsoft system, but that’s OK. Sony is here to bring them the best gaming experience around that just so happens to have some cool side features to make it an even easier sell. And that goes for whether the gamer on your list is hardcore or someone who only plays a few hours every week. You or your gift recipient will use it for other reasons (Netflix, at least), anyway. And if you do hand this over to someone, you will surely be crowned the king or queen of gift-giving. I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive a PS4?

We hope these points managed to convince you to buy PS4 this year. If you would like to know more, feel free to comment below and we would love to answer your queries.