Warnings issued about Progressing too Far in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has been slowly rolling out to all players during this week, starting with the owners of the ultimate edition of the game on the 27th. The Online Beta will be available to everyone tomorrow (30th Nov) but don’t worry players haven’t had that much time to get ahead just yet.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Fans of the game were pretty irate about the fact that the game wasn’t available to everyone at one go but Rockstar had a very good explanation about why they have done it this way. It is simply to test the servers and not to overload them when the entire player base tries to sign on at once. A smart move by the Red Dead Online team at Rockstar in my view.

Here is how the Online is looking so far:

However, you may not want to progress too far in the Online version of the game as some times with Beta’s after they are updated into fully fledged games progress of all players can be reset.

This is because Beta’s are more for testing and stretching the game and the servers rather than anything else. Having said that if players cause a stink about the potential of this happening then I am sure that Rockstar will make sure your progress gets carried over. If you have seen how long it would take for a player to get a decent horse in the game then you would certainly want the progress to carry over.

Someone on Reddit worked out how long this would take and oh boy… get your grind on.

“After farming deathmatch series for 2h straight I got: 5257 exp 0.32 goldbar 68 dollars.

“Some post with 1,4k upvotes said that you need to play around 50h to get a single gold bar. This is tremendously wrong. I think OP thought that he was rewarded with 0.4 NUGGET instead of 0.04 Goldbar ( 4 nuggets )

“I repeat, THIS IS WRONG.

“Played around 4 hours yesterday. You need to get 100 nuggets to do one gold bar. You get in between 0.02 and 0.04 ( 0.02 gold bars = 2 nuggets ) from series ( deathmatch, races etc ) which take 10 mins each or less.

“Assuming you always get 0.02 and there’s no loading time it takes 50 games ( 500 minutes ) to get 1 gold bar. That makes 8h and 20 mins, and that’s assuming you get the worst nugget reward and you always reach time limit.

“It’s massively different than the 50 hours found out.

“Now if you think that this is still too much grind you can still tell rockstar your opinion on that, but you’ll have actual numbers.”

So if we go by new horses being around 16 gold bars then it will take a maximum of 8,000 minutes to get enough (as OP states, assuming you get the worst nugget reward and you always reach time limit) which equates to 133 hours of game play. Which is around five and a half days. Yikes.

One fan commented: “oof, Appears that Rockstar picked up some Monetization tricks during their GTA Online Tenure”. While another added: “Anyone who thought it wasn’t going to be like this hasn’t been paying attention. There will be no single player dlc, 100% of r* focus will be on ways to incentivise players to spend more money on the game they’ve already paid for”.

Have you been playing the Beta or are you waiting for the full game to be released?