Valkyrae Says She Is In Therapy After Backlash Over Skincare Line

Valkyrae has given an update to her viewers after the shutdown of her skincare company.

Following backlash, her skincare line RFLCT shut down just two weeks after it was revealed. The products claimed to protect from blue light emitted from screens. However, they couldn’t provide proof that blue light was harmful or that anyone needs protection from it.

The validity of these products was quickly called into question online, and the brand shut down. Valkyrae, who was the face of the new skincare line, stopped streaming too. But now she’s back, and she updated her viewers on her stream.


Valkyrae’s Stream Update

In the stream she said “Small update, I’m going to therapy. I have a therapist. And I have a lot of trauma. I’ve been going through it, I have depression. But I’m hopeful. RFLCT is no longer, we officially separated, without a lawsuit. And they pulled all the products out of 400 stores. Yeah, so that happened. It was a clean break.”

Valkyrae May Quit YouTube and Social Media
Credit: Valkyrae

Valkyrae said that although the RLFCT situation has been traumatic, she’s learned a lot in the process. She went on to say “I’m not perfect and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I was incredibly naive, and it’s been a big learning lesson. I’m going to be more careful with everything moving on now, that’s for sure. I’m naive, impulsive, and too trusting.”

RFLCT has shut down and the products are no longer available for purchase. Hopefully this will also be a lesson to other creators in the future – a reminder that not doing your research can lead to bad results.


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Featured image credit: Valkyrae