Uses Unreal Engine 4: First developer’s , PC exclusive, more

Epic Games  came to Comic-Con today and has finally shared some details on its new project, Fortnite and finally talk about their next game, Fortnite, a “a co-op sandbox survival game.
You can view the first details down below

– Co-op sandbox survival game

– About exploration, scavenging gear, building fortified structures and fighting waves of encroaching monsters hellbent on killing you and your friends
– “Building is really the core of the game. Everything you find allows you to build and improve your structure.”
– Playable prototypes shown at Comic-Con
– Multiple ways players can upgrade weapons
– Ex: crossbow can be outfitted with explosives and electric shocks
– Uses Unreal Engine 4
– PC designed game
– PC exclusive
– Fortnite originally had a more traditional post-apocalyptic setting
– Team found the style “depressing”
– Zombie-like “The Husk” transformed from a scary, wiry undead creature into a more cartoonish enemy
– Deep level of structure building that lets players build and edit each wall with a 3×3 grid, lay down stairs, roofs, and windows, sculpting them to suit a particular need
– Fortnite character shown using an axe and sledgehammer to break down walls to reclaim materials, including wood, tile and brick
– Will continue to evolve after release
– Updates could drastically change gameplay
– Bleszinski: “I don’t think we’ll have any Rube Goldberg type stuff in the first version, but it’s kind of a no-brainer later”
– Jessen: “We’re just going to keep adding onto it”
– Epic not saying yet if it’s free-to-play/pricing not discussed
– No release date yet
– Jessen: “We’re trying to put the game out as soon as we can.”
Unreal engine 4 is the next gen ngine and built for next gen console. You view first demo of unreal engine 4 down below

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