This GoldenEye 007 Unreal Engine 4 Remake Is Everything We Dreamed Of

When you think Nintendo 64 you’re either thinking of Super Mario or you’re thinking of 1997’s GoldenEye 007. The classic N64 shooter is one of the most beloved games of all-time, and the lovely people at GoldenZen are working on a fan remake of the title, and it looks like it’s coming along very, very … Read more

Unreal Engine 4 Ocarina of Time Creation Has One Major Flaw

The Gerudo Valley from Nintendo 64’s Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the newest addition to a list of iconic games being recreated in Unreal Engine 4. Although the details are beautifully replicated with a much needed improved quality from the original, there is one major issue that has probably gone by unnoticed by many. … Read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 Now Using Unreal Engine 4

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been waiting for the upcoming release along with any announcements for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. Now it seems that the development of the game has taken a new form through the use of Unreal Engine 4. The Kingdom Hearts 3 video game is said to … Read more

Zombie Studios plans to run ‘Daylight’ at 1080p/60fps

The upcoming game titled Daylight, will be the first of many things for Zombie Studios. Daylight will be the developer’s first psychological horror game, using Unreal Engine 4, which has been utilized by very few developers. The Unreal Engine 4 will be used to make the game even scarier, not like any other horror game … Read more