Uncharted Movie Begins Filming 2015

The Uncharted movie has been in the works since 2008. Now it seems that we have some insight as to when the film will actually sprout legs and take off. According to the current director for the Uncharted film project, we can expect the production of the film to pick up early 2015.

Seth Gordon is the current director for the film. Gordon spoke with Zap2it where he admits that he is currently busy at the moment with his TV series. As of right now, Gordon is working on The Goldbergs and a new NBC series Marry Me. Though gamers can rest easy as Gordon is still very interested in the Uncharted film.

I think very early next year. That’s the plan.” Though that is months from now, he notes, “That’s like tomorrow, essentially, because the prep is so complicated for the movie.

One of the reasons Gordon is prepping for a 2015 shoot is because of the timing of things. Naughty Dog will be releasing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End thus interest in the Uncharted film will be higher than ever.

Gordon is also very aware of the strong fan base of the video game series. The filming will go international to capture all the points necessary for the script. Furthermore, actors will be hard to placed. Previously, Mark Wahlberg was attached to play the character of Nathan Drake. Now Gordon is looking to bring in TV actors that would make for perfect roles in such a big film.

As for the script, the Uncharted film will be based off the first game. Although, the film will hit new plots and expand on different areas.

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