Uh Oh. Video Footage of Conor McGregor’s “Drug Filled Party” Surfaces: He’s Slurring His Words

A few days back an anonymous claim about a drug filled hooker and boozefest at the McMansion made it’s rounds on the internet.

New leaked photo of party girl holding Conor's belt.
New leaked photo of party girl holding Conor’s belt.

Some party girl released a statement and a damning photo saying:
So I was at this house party a while back. and my buddy who was hosting it asks me if I wanna smoke some weed. I’m like “sure, why the fuck not”. We go upstairs in a room in the back of the house, and as he opens the door, none else but Conor McFuckingGregor is in the middle of snorting a big fat line of coke off a table….” there were lots of hookers, Conor was fucked up, etc.

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Just today a leaked video has been released on the internet, and some are saying Conor sounds like he’s under the influence. You be the judge:


Here is the full statement from the girl.