Twitch Streamer is Letting Viewers Bet on Stocks With $50,000 of His Own Money

The stock market can be a volatile game to play, with all sorts of contradictory advice and strategies coming from all angles. Even for experienced investors, speculating on stocks can be like rolling the dice… Especially when you let Twitch decide what to do with your money, similar to those other Twitch streams like Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Stock Stream decided to put up 50k of their own money and to let Twitch viewers decide which stocks to buy and sell. The value of their investments needs to stay above 25k due to regulations, but if it dips below 25k Mike has already lost half his money. Mike is a software engineer who runs the Stock Stream Twitch, and he stands to lose a lot of money if his viewers don’t invest wisely.

“It’s basically the same concept as other Twitch Plays games, but with stock trading,” says Mike. “I’ve created an interface that shows a livestream of the Robinhood app, so you can see in real time the graph of the value of all of the assets and cash.”

Trades take place every 5 minutes based on whichever trades get the most votes. This isn’t a new idea, people have discussed it online before, it’s just that Mike was actually willing to put his cash on the line.

If you want to help Mike manage his portfolio, just tune in when the US markets are open, otherwise you’ll get this message:

The stream also keeps score to see who has voted for the most (or least) profitable trades.