Streamers Speak Out As Twitch Doesn’t Acknowledge Arab Heritage Month

Twitch streamers have been hitting out at the platform for not acknowledging Arab Heritage Month or Ramadan this April.

The month of April hosts the Islamic festival of Ramadan, a worldwide recognized holiday that involves a month of fasting, prayer and other religious activities. It’s something that’s been done by Islamic people for years, yet it’s not being recognized by one of the biggest platforms in the world, causing concern.

Why isn’t Twitch celebrating Arab Heritage Month?

Popular Arab streamer Frogan tweeted out regarding the lack of acknowledgement from Twitch. He said:


I’m very disappointed that Twitch isn’t acknowledging Ramadan nor Arab streamers for Arab Heritage Month knowing that MENA streamers pull so much influence to the platform. Even if Twitch wanted to do something for Arab Heritage Month, their demographic survey (which they use to find creators for these events) does not have a “Middle Eastern/North African” category”

Tamoor Hussain, managing editor at Gamespot, followed up on these remarks by stating that:

Must admit I was thinking the same. I’ve been trying to talk more about Ramadan in an approachable and understandable way in my streams. Would be nice to see Twitch generally acknowledge and uplift voices from the Muslim community. Or even Arab/South Asian streamers.”


We can only hope that Twitch acknowledges the existence of different cultures and makes a change to recognise both Ramadan and Arab streamers for Arab Heritage Month. The platform has hosted many other celebration events in its history, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to do something for this occasion.

Twitch is yet to respond to streamer’s callouts.

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