The Top 10 most watched Twitch Channels for 2018 has been Revealed

The number of hours watched on has gone up across the board over 2017 after the massive success of everyones favourite game Fortnite, took over the site. Surprisingly only 3 of the top 10 channels are Fortnite related – a win in some peoples books.

There is also no prize for guesses as to who took the top spot. It was of course Ninja, the blue haired, Fortnite playing, anime lover himself racking up an unprecedented amount of views.

Esports observer made this graph showing the huge difference between Ninja and the rest of the competition:

This is a huge increase across the board from 2017. In 2017 Summit 1G was the most watched streamer with 72.45 million views and in 2018 four channels have already beaten that by some way. Twitch is definitely on the up and up and I am sure we will continue to see it grow the more that the gaming scene grows as well.

Even though Fortnite has its critics there is no denying that it helped grow the gaming industry massively in 2018 by introducing new gamers to the world of gaming along with introducing millions of people views to who are very likely to hang around as well.

Credit: Epic Games

There were of course huge successes from other games with another strong showing from League of Legends which has always been a favourite on Twitch. Another section which was only introduced a few months ago (and isn’t even a game) also helps pull a lot of views for Twitch. ‘Just Chatting’ section is a place for creators to talk to their audience about anything and everything. It also seems to be a breeding ground for strange ASMR channels and slightly too low cut tops, but that is for another article. Last week ‘Just Chatting’ pulled the third most amount of views out of all of the “games” on Twitch. Very impressive considering it isn’t even a game.

Who have you been watching this year?