Top 10 gaming YouTubers you absolutely need to start watching in 2022

5. minimme

We’ve all got those retro games or under appreciated gems in our hearts. YouTuber Minimme gets to the heart of the matter, uncovering some of the more absurd or forgotten games from all generations. There is something for everyone, no matter what genre you enjoy.

Here is your reminder to play Jackie Chan Stuntmaster right now.

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4. the act man

Halo superfan The Act Man is a bonafide entertainer that provides approachable commentary on some of gaming’s tougher subjects. It can be difficult tackling development problems or companies in the industry, but The Act Man makes it seem like a breeze.

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3. gmanlives

GmanLives has been crafting some of the best videos on gaming for quite some time. Remember that awful Catwoman PS2 game? He’s played it so you don’t have to. When he isn’t playing the worst games that have ever released, GmanLives produces brilliant video essays on some of the best games that gaming has ever seen.

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2. gvmers

The astonishing detail of a Gvmers video is always impressive, but to be honest, we just love the narrator’s voice. Smoother than a 90s pop radio station, Gvmers are bringing gaming fans deep looks at failures, successes and more within the industry.

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1. jake Baldino

Part of the GameRanx team, games journalist Jake Baldino is a treat to watch. Similar to NakeyJakey, watching Baldino’s passion for movies and games collide is simply infectious. You can also find him occasional on the Pretty Much It channel too.

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