Three years after release, The final Guardians of The Galaxy easter egg has been found

Guardians of the Galaxy was released three years ago and it was one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. Fans of both the movie and the Marvel films, in general, are always doing their best to find hidden Easter Eggs.

The film industry, on the other hand, is known for hiding small references inside movies, letting people search for them. Some may be recognized in a moment’s notice whereas others require months or even years of digging.

It turns out that the Easters Eggs in Guardians of the Galaxy have no end. James Gunn, director of the film informed the fans that there is an Easter Egg which is yet to be found.

Moreover, there even was a $100,000 bounty to anyone who could prove it didn’t exist. Until this day, no one is believed to have solved the puzzle behind the Easter Egg. Luckily for us, however, ScreenCrush may have finally solved the mystery.

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The theory suggests that the Easter Egg dates back to the Thor universe. More specifically, Guardians of the Galaxy may have revealed the history behind Frost Giants.

In the film, the Collector shows the Guardians a series of ancient videos in order to inform them about the Infinity Stones. In a specific video, we see a world being destroyed by the Celestials. The Celestials are 2,000 foot tall Tron creatures that have incredible super powers. One exceptional power is that they get to decide which planet lives and which not.

The buildings in the scene share a lot of similarities with the ones in the city of Asgard. The people running away, on the other side, look a lot like the civilians of Asgard, Asgardians.

In the far left corner of the scene, we can clearly see a face. Although the Power Stone is capable of destroying humans, the man on the left doesn’t get torn apart.

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As far as the theory is concerned, it is believed that the planet being destroyed is Jotunheim and the man seen is Laufey, Loki’s father.

One specific evidence is the marking on the man’s cheek which is very similar to the one that Frost Giants share.

Basically, the Celestials went to Jotunheim in order to destroy their planet. From there, the most powerful among the people evolved into Frost Giants.

It would be great to see whether this is finally the answer behind the Easter Egg that has remained a mystery for over the past three years.

In the sequel, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 which was released in April this year, Peter Quill was once again the main character of the film. In the new installment, he alongside his fellow Guardians are hired by an alien race, the Sovereign, to protect their batteries from intruders. It was later discovered that Rocket, who is a raccoon bounty hunter has stolen the items which should be guarded.

In revenge, the Sovereign send drones to attack the Guardians who crash themselves on a nearby planet. Quill’s father, Ego is there to save them from the attacks. Later in the movie, Peter Quill is searching for answers concerning his mysterious origins.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 was a huge success for Marvel. Its box office profits outweighed any other previous sequel from the company and bumped up 54% over Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The next setting, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 is on its way. The director of the upcoming film will once again be James Gunn himself. Alongside the cast, Chris Part will still be part of the team as the main character of the series, Peter Quill.

According to insiders, the sequel will conclude the story that began in the first film, Guardians Of The Galaxy possibly meaning the end of the series. Moreover, the film will be set four years after the events of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and the ones of Avengers: Infinity War and its sequels.

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The release date of the sequel hasn’t been specified yet. Nonetheless, it is possible that we won’t hear about the movie until 2020. This means it will land one year later after the sequel of the Spider-Man: Homecoming which will release in 2019.

The previous two installments were proved beneficial for the company. They were capable of providing huge profits and in the same time, they were loved by the audience. Unfortunately, we will need to wait some time now until we finally come across a new Guardians Of The Galaxy film.