How Eve Online Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal in its History

EVE is a space-based massively multiplayer online game with a notorious reputation for treachery, betrayal and deceit. But the events that transpired in the recent days have put all the past scams to shame. A high ranking member of the group CO2 “The Judge” has pulled off the greatest betrayal in the online gaming history which has left the CO2 alliance completely obliterated. The EVE gaming community are labeling the event as “Judgement day”.

Let’s put things into context. EVE is a very complex MMO game which is set in a fictional universe. All the players in the game share this universe and fight for resources, power and leadership. The game has 5 major factions and every player is a member of any of those 5. Aside from those factions there are a many big alliances scattered around.

During the last big war, the alliance CO2 defected from its parent group called “The imperium” due to ideological differences. With CO2 deserting them, The Imperium were left weak and vulnerable during the war which turned the tide on them. So there was a huge resentment towards the defected group CO2. As a result “The Mittani” leader of The Imperium swore revenge on CO2. The Mittani swore that his troops will not rest until CO2 is completely destroyed.

This led to a chain of events which were primarily triggered by a single player called Aryth. Aryth would become The Mittani’s vessel for his revenge. Aryth influenced The Judge during the Council of Stellar Management. “Council of Stellar Management” is a yearly meet of a few selected players and developers of the game in Reykjavik Iceland. Aryth along with Innominate had a single plan when they went to last year’s CSM and that was to influence and turn The Judge against his group CO2.

Luckily for Aryth and Innominate, The Judge was malleable and given his bad relations with the CO2 leader Gigx who he has labelled as egoistic and dictatorial he agreed and the three conspired against CO2 and that too in the presence of the game’s developers who in the past have triggered a few betrayals themselves to keep the game interesting.

The plan was simple, The Judge would transfer access to the Keepstar Citadel which is single most important place of the CO2 group located in the heart of their territory and holds most of their assets.

The Judge had enough powers that he could sell off all the group’s major assets including resources and expensive war ships whose in game value is estimated to be over 1.3 trillion ISK which is a massive figure. The Judge would also join the Goonswarm Federation after the whole thing blows over. Goonswarm Federation is a prominent member of The Imperium of which Aryth and Innominate are members.

On Sept 11, the plan materialized and all the ships and weapons of The Imperium swarmed CO2 and encircled it so that no one would be able to escape with any important assets. They attacked and struck a massive and timely blow on CO2.

While it was happening. Gigx, the leader of CO2 received numerous panicked phone calls and before he could do something it was too late. In his rage he asked his fellow members in a private chat for the real life address of The Judge so that he could cut off both of his hands.
Unfortunately for Gigx the chat was being streamed live on twitch and the game developers saw the threatening messages and Gigx was banned permanently.

Following the aftermath The Imperium have claimed their responsibility and are labeling it as a revenge for CO2’s betrayal.