This Guy is Documenting Every Secret Fallout 4 Location And It’s Crazy

This one is for those that want to learn everything about Fallout 4. The game is absolutely massive, and with that comes a lot of secrets. Bethesda is known for hiding little Easter Eggs and it’s always a ton of fun to uncover them.

Well, this guy is doing just that. He’s also uploading all of his findings to his YouTube channel. The videos are all aptly named and have a nice thumbnail, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. He’s already got tons of videos on the subject and doesn’t intend to stop until he’s documented everything.

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One that surprised us is the underwater stash right near the starting area. Very useful for creating new characters. Of course, many players like to discover all of this themselves, which is fine. But for those that don’t mind peaking, here’s some videos we found particularly interesting.

Raider Graves

Because Raiders deserve a proper burial too!

YouTube video

Old Caravan Trailer

Fancy place. Must have had some caps to be livin’ the way he was. You can find a Deathclaw steak here.

YouTube video

Car Tree Camp

Yup. Cars in the shape of a tree and a few dead folk.

YouTube video

ArcJet Engine Transport

Ehh careful with this one. Bethesda likes to make things go boom from time to time.

YouTube video

Pulowski Preservation Shelter Cluster

Those darn port-a-dinners. Never relinquishing their needed meals.

YouTube video

Scavenger’s Trailer

Psychotats is a drug.. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Only found here though.

YouTube video

Canister Launch Shack

Probably the most time consuming of all, this never gets old.

YouTube video

Protectron Trailer

A bit of a sad story about suicide.

YouTube video

At a rate of about 2 videos a day, The Lawd is about a third of the way done with the secondary locations. It’ll be interesting to see what he decides to document next.