Thief 4: New Details Emerge

An Eidos Montreal community manager has revealed many a details about Thief 4 after he managed to try out the pre-alpha build of the game.

A healthy Q&A have been posted which reveals a number of details including the confirmation that regeneration of health and focus will be dependent on consumables. Here is a list of bullet points of the details revealed.

  • You will be able to toggle pieces of the HUD
  • Dog will be present in the game.
  • Lockpicking will change depending on whether or not you use focus. Garret will be able to steal anywhere in the gameworld.
  • The game will support both a mini-map and a full map.
  • You can finish a complete playthrough using only stealth. Guards line-of-sight will depend on where they’re facing, meaning if two guards are standing face-to-face to each other than their vision will be blocked behind the other.
  • Focus will play a key role in the game. For example using it while lockpicking will enable Garret to see the inside as opposed to just seeing outside.
  • Garret can use a climbing tool called the ‘claw’ to reach higher places which are otherwise inaccessible, and also save himself while falling down.

Thief 4 releases some time in 2014. Do let us know your views below.