These GTA Online NPCs have vanished from the game and players can’t figure out why

Something really odd has happened. GTA Online players found all of the convenience store and liquor store cashiers to have vanished from the game yesterday.

It’s been more than 12 hours since the event took place and these characters are still missing.

No one really knows the reason behind the abrupt vanishing of these NPCs and are flummoxed by it.

There’s more than 12 such stores spread across Los Santos, that players can rob. However, none of them have a cashier right now.

Robbing these stores are often part of the daily objectives and GTA Online’s tutorial also require interacting with them for being completed. Hence, it is a major issue and people are left wondering why it has happened.

There are more issues with the game atm, with players being unable to organize their cars in garages, and many PC players having trouble issuing bounties.

These might just be bugs but Rockstar is yet to confirm any of these. We’ll update this article if and when Rockstar issues one or fixes the issues.