There’s Loads Of Characters To Unlock In COD Black Ops 4 – Here’s How To Get Them

Treyarch’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is absolutely smashing its release sales right now, and with so much to delve into, it’s pretty easy to ignore a pretty basic set of unlockables – characters.

Unlocking the characters is a little bit complex, so here’s a helpful guide to get you on your way.

The majority of characters can be unlocked by finding specific items within the Blackout mode of the game – its battle royale mode. You’ll also need to undertake tasks to complete set missions. Unfortunately, if you fail any missions, you lose your items…of course. Whether you win or lose the match doesn’t seem to matter though – you just need to keep the mission item in your inventory for the whole of the match.

Same as with most battle royale games, looting the fallen and searching supply drops and boxes will allow you to find a lot of the items you’ll need, but it also means your luck here is entirely random.

There are some characters in the game who won’t require you to complete set missions though.

You can unlock a bunch of Blackout characters – Battle Hardened, Frogman, Ranger and Airborne Seal can be added to your roster by either buying the game’s Battle Pass, or by grafting to certain Echelon levels (achieved by getting a win, a kill etc).

The lovely people over on Reddit – including Max_Rockwell and pretty much the whole COD community- have come up with a comprehensive list of who you can unlock and how – or at least, how to unlock everyone possible SO FAR.


Victor Reznov

  • Currently unknown.

Alex Mason

  • Currently unknown.

Frank Woods

  • Obtain the Bandanna item by killing zombies/fallen players.
  • Get in a Helicopter during a match.
  • Win a Match.

Raul Menendez

  • Obtain the Locket item.
  • Kill an enemy using shotgun.
  • Kill an enemy with a melee attack.
  • Finish the match with the Locket in your inventory.

Jason Hudson

  • Currently unknown.

Nikita Dragovich

  • Currently unknown.


  • Unlocked at Echelon level 20.


  • Unlocked at Echelon 40.


  •  Unlocked at Echelon 60.


  • Unlocked at Echelon 80.

Battle Hardened

  • Unlocked at Echelon 80 Prestige.


Shadow Man

  • Unlocked with Blackout Pass only.


  • Currently not unlockable.
  • Find a Death Machine (Mini Gun).
  • Kill Zombies.
  • Finish the match in the top 10 players.

Nikolai –

  • Currently not unlockable.
  • Find a Cymbal Monkey.
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish the match in the top 10 players.

Richtofen –

  • Currently not unlockable.
  • Find the Ray Gun.
  • Kill Zombies.
  • Finish the match in the top 5 players.

Takeo – 

  • Currently not unlockable.
  • Find the Katanas
  • Kill Zombies
  • Finish the match in the top 10 players.


  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.


  • Obtain the Racing Goggles and Bandanna items by killing zombies/looting fallen players.
  • Remaining quest information is currently unknown.

Shaw –

  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.

Samuel Stuhlinger

  • Currently unknown.

Marlton Johnson

  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.


Battery – 

  • Obtain Battery’s War Machine.
  • Get kills with the Grenade launcher.
  • Finish the match in the top 15 players.

Ajax –

  • Collect three Armor Plates from enemies.
  • Finish the match with Armor Plates in Inventory.

Crash –

  • Collect Poker Chips.
  • Finish the match with 15 Healing Items.
  • Finish the Match in the Top [8/3/?].
  • Finish the match with Poker Chips in Inventory.

Firebreak –

  • Collect Burned Doll.
  • Confirm Kill or Clean Up a Downed player with fire.
  • Finish the match with Burned Doll in inventory.
  • Finish the match in the Top [15/?/?].


  • Currently unknown.


  • Currently unknown.


  • Craft the Grapple Gun from missing pieces.
  • Finish in the Top [15/?/?].


  • Collect the Annihilator weapon.
  • Kill enemies.
  • Finish in the Top [15/?/?].

Recon – 

  • Collect I Ching Coins.
  • Finish the match in the Top [15/?/?].
  • Cannot take collapse damage.
  • Finish the match with I Ching Coins in Inventory.

Torque –

  • Collect Note from Torque.
  • Deploy 2 x Razor Wires.
  • Deploy a Barricade.
  • Finish in the Top [7/?/?].
  • Finish Match with Note from Torque in Inventory.