Gamers Are Upset At The Size Of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Download File

I don’t know how many times we can say this without sounding too repetitive, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally nearly here, and if you’re not excited then get excited, because this is set to be one amazing game.

The folks at Rockstar Games have been teasing us for months now, offering up gameplay trailers and lots of cool bits of info.

We already know the main story will take around 60 hours to complete, plus there’s side quests, there’s making friends with horses, there’s a giant map AND there’s going to be Red Dead Online which will be available in its beta form in November this year.

Now we all were aware that you can’t have details like horse testicles that shrink in cold weather in a game without it being absolutely huge, but now we know the size of the title, it’s gotten some people pretty upset…

According to the game’s listing, RDR2 clocks in at a massive 90GB on PlayStation 4, meaning you’re probably going to be out of space if you picked up the latest Call Of Duty earlier this month.

From the sounds of things, if you’re an Xbox One gamer you’re going to be taking just as big of a hit, with reports stating the file size for the Xbox is 88.57 GB, just a little lower than the PS4’s 89.2GB.

Has this put you off, or are you going to be upgrading to an external hard drive before next week?

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on 26th October for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.