This Gamer’s So Tired Of Waiting For Skate 4 He’s Making His Own

Reddit is one of the best places for people to show off their upcoming gaming projects and get a lot of love, hate or erm – constructive criticism.

One recent Reddit offering from user Der_Kevin has caught the attention of a lot of redditers – and for very good reason.

Der_Kevin has made a skate game – because there aren’t enough skating games on the market anymore.

Sharing the incredibly impressive work in a short video, Der_Kevin writes: “I think Skate Games are a bit rare these days, so I am making one.”

via Gfycat

Check out the video above to see the creation in all its glory.

The post has been getting a lot of love, and it’s not surprising considering how damn great it looks.

Whether or not we’ll ever get to experience the games for ourselves is a little up in the air, as Der_Kevin has stated that the soundtrack for the title is of the upmost importance.

When asked about the ideal music, Kevin responded with a Spotify playlist link, stating: “and i wont release the game until I’ve got all of them signed.”

It’s a pretty lofty aspiration, as the playlist includes music from the likes of Limp Bizkit, Sum 41, Bon Jovi, U2, HIM, Slipknot and Slayer.

But half of the success of any skating game is in its music, so I see his point!

Answering the question about why we don’t get skating games any more, one user commented: “EA towers over a great deal of massive, hundred million dollar franchises.

“Skate 3 sold ~3m copies total with good critical reception and customer value.

“Battlefront 2, which was a massive PR nightmare and was anathematized by the gaming public, sold ~9m in it’s first 3 months.

“According to EA, this was a commercial letdown, as they were expecting 10m.

“EA does not give a flying f*ck about customer satisfaction. Given the choice between a PR fiasco that makes half a billion dollars and a well received arcade game that makes 100m, they will choose the former, every single time.

“I’m not saying they def aren’t making a Skate 4, but I’m explaining why they wouldn’t.”

Check out the original post on the r/gaming forum right here.

What do you think about the skating title? And why don’t we get games like this anymore?