The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update Could Be Right Around The Corner

We’ve been hanging out with Geralt in The Witcher 3 for over six years now but don’t lie to yourself, you know you’d tackle another playthrough at any opportunity. That opportunity might not be too far off.

CDProjekt Red has promised us that a next-gen remaster of The Witcher 3 is most certainly on the way. As far as we know, it’s actually supposed to be released before the year is out. However, a recent statement from CDProjekt Red indicated that the release date could easily be pushed to next year if required.

Earlier this week, evidence has arisen that would indicate the next-gen remaster of The Witcher 3 is close to completion. The game has been officially rated for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on the European Ratings Board, PEGI.

Credit: PEGI

Interestingly, the rating even includes a release date of October 19th on the page. However, I’m currently writing this on October 20th. Unless I’m chronically out of the loop, I don’t see a copy of next-gen Witcher 3 in my library – do you?

It’s possible that this was a previous placeholder release date that’s since been pushed back internally at CDProjekt Red. Regardless, it’s at least a sign that the studio is still hard at work on the remaster and will likely see the light of day soon.


Speaking of light, that’s exactly what we expect to see improved in this new rendition of The Witcher 3. With the power of the consoles and RTX graphics cards on PC, ray traced lighting and shadows should spruce up The Witcher’s already impressive visuals. CDProjekt Red is even working closely with modders to improve the look of static objects like buildings and even Geralt’s hair.

It’s possible to play The Witcher 3 on new-gen consoles right now, but you won’t see any visual difference. You might run into some interesting bugs, however. A real first-world problem to have, fast travelling on the Xbox Series X|S is quicker than the load screen can keep up with.

the witcher 3
Credit: CD Projekt Red

If you already own The Witcher 3 on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, this next-gen update is expected to arrive for free. Players will also be treated to some new DLC directly inspired by the hugely popular Netflix show starring Henry Cavill. The second series of that is releasing this December, too.

Are you looking forward to playing through The Witcher 3 again? I know I certainly am! Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: CDProjekt Red]