The Walking Dead Season 2 Interview Reveals Story Details

Telltale Games gave the award winning ‘The Walking Dead’ game, which was also 2012’s Game of the Year.

Now the company is back with The Walking Dead: Season Two and we have this interesting preview interview of developers- Denis Lenart and Mark Darin, who both have worked on this post-apocalyptic sequel.

The interview reveals that decisions made in Season One will also have some consequences on the narrative and relationships in Season Two.  The interview highlights how Season 2 will include improved mechanics, the prime themes it revolves around and also the developer’s cherished moments from Season one.

One of the biggest difference from Season One is that Clementine, the young orphan girl will now be the playable character. You can watch the full interview below.

The Episode One of “The Walking Dead: Season Two” is releasing tomorrow for PS3, PS Vita and other consoles.  Ready to squeal?