Game Of Thrones Title Information

Many knew that the next TellTale Games will be based on the HBO and George R. R. Martin book series; Game Of Thrones, but there is finally some information in the title. TellTale  Games just finished up The Walking Dead Season 2 with its final episode and it seems that they are ready for their next … Read more

The Walking Dead season 3 confirmed

TellTales’s The Walking Dead has been praised for its compelling story, winning the hearts of critics and players alike. At a comic-con panel and in a tweet it was confirmed that a season three of The Walking Dead is going to happened. Unfortunately not much else was said. Confirmed at #SDCC! @telltalegames President @kevbru & @RobertKirkman “There WILL … Read more

The Walking Dead: Season Two’s next chapter coming very soon

Telltale showed a teaser in a form of a tweet regarding the upcoming chapter of the The Walking Dead: Season Two which started off in December 2013. The tweet with a new artwork of Clementine is shown below: “Still. Not. Bitten.” The next chapter of #TheWalkingDead Season 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned … Read more

The Walking Dead Season 2 Interview Reveals Story Details

Telltale Games gave the award winning ‘The Walking Dead’ game, which was also 2012’s Game of the Year. Now the company is back with The Walking Dead: Season Two and we have this interesting preview interview of developers- Denis Lenart and Mark Darin, who both have worked on this post-apocalyptic sequel. The interview reveals that … Read more