The Last of Us: Multiplayer mode and screens revealed

The long awaited detailing of the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us and release of new screenshots has finally taken place.

Split across two game modes, the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us is called ‘Factions’.   The mode bears similarity with games the like of Uncharted 3 as the player can be accessorized in a variety of clothing, gear and hats. Online players can choose one of the two human factions seen in the single player mode of the game; personalized player emblems can also be created.

The pre-set load-outs are divided into assault, sniper, support and stealth, each with four slots. The slots can be filled with two specific skills, a small weapon and a large weapon.

The clan chosen by the players will come with its own AI survivors. Every match played counts as a day and matches are played out across many days and weeks. Resources to ensure chances of survival can be crafted online.

The game releases worldwide on June 14 exclusively for PS3. Hopefully we will have more soon on the multiplayer.

Check out the newly revealed screens below.