Terrifying video shows female Twitch streamer live as robber invades home

Having your home broken into when you aren’t there is a terrible feeling and a massive violation of your space, but having someone break in when you’re home is even worse. In this case, it was the intruder who got the worst of it.

Twitch streamer IsabellaOchoa was minding her own business, streaming some Arma 3, when she heard the sound of glass breaking and immediately jumped into action. She screams at the intruder, swears at him, and threatens to call the cops on the guy.

Not only that, she actually detained the person while waiting for cops to arrive. Total badass. She had a can of pepper spray, but the intruder apparently thought it was a gun.

image: twitter
image: twitter

The initial altercation was captured on the live stream, where you can hear her battlecry for yourself. In the longer version of the clip from her Twitch page, you can also hear that she sent the dog after the guy, and the dog didn’t sound happy at all to have this cat burgler roaming around on his turf.

Warning: Double check your volume before hitting play, it gets LOUD.

Here’s how reddit reacted: 

“Here where I live if you detain a robber you can get sued by the same robber for false imprisonment, sad stuff.” – Aranil21

“I was not ready for that scream. Scary shit…” – Jokez4Dayz

“LOL I love her mentality, and then the robber screaming.” – Apekke