Takeshi’s Castle Reboot Set For 2023 On Amazon Prime Video

The original Takeshi’s Castle series originated in Japan and ran from 1986 to 1990 with it being broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world. It tapped into the innate human desire to see people humiliate themselves and featured people constantly faceplanting into water, mud, doors and everything in-between, with a hilarious amount of people failing and almost nobody ever actually winning the show at all. In fact only 36 people ever won Takeshi’s castle across the entire four years. It also looks like legendary Japanese actor, Takeshi Kitano, will return to invite contestants to take on insane obstacles for prize money.

An official statement from Erika North, Amazon Studios head of Originals, Asia Pacific reads as follows:

We’re very much focused on investing in the best Japanese talent to deliver the highest quality content for our Prime Video customers in Japan. We believe that putting the spotlight on the very best stories from Japanese creators will not only excite our Japanese viewers, but also audiences around the world.”

Credit: TBS

The reboot is planned to premiere in 2023 and broadcast in more than 240 markets worldwide. In the UK, the show was narrated by Craig Charles, adding to the sheer charm and hilarity of the show. However, it’s unclear whether we’ll see Charles return or a different talent will voice this new version of the show.

What do you think of the Takeshi’s Castle reboot? Are you excited for the new version of the hit Japanese game show? Or do you think it should be left alone? Let us know!


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Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video & TBS