Take A Closer Look At Halo Infinite’s ‘Streets’ Map

IGN shared the first look at a new Halo Infinite map yesterday, and it looks like another great addition.

The new map is called “Streets” and it’s a small arena map intended for 4v4 matches. It’s set in New Mombasa at night, which Halo 3: ODST fans will probably be excited to hear.

It takes place in a more of an entertainment-focused part of the city, with arcade machines and neon billboards helping to give the map more life. The arcade machines even play a MIDI version of the Halo theme. It’s a stark contrast to Bazaar, another city-based map in Infinite, which feels a bit more rugged.

You can watch a video of the new map below!

YouTube video

More Halo Infinite Maps

IGN also shared some more info about their experience with the game. Two more maps called “High Power” and “Deadlock” are coming to Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode at launch.

Deadlock has a very “classic” feel according to multiplayer creative director Tom French. High Power started out as a “test gym” not intended to actually release, but the devs liked it so much it stuck around and became a full map. Perhaps we’ll get more info about these two maps soon.

Lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts also told IGN that remakes of old maps aren’t a focus in Infinite. “We want things to feel new” he said, “but we want things to be a bit reminiscent without giving you the exact same layout or the same layout with slight differences, because we’re a different game with different needs”. However, he didn’t rule out remakes altogether, so there’s still a chance we could end up seeing one.

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[Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/IGN]