10 Games Where Dying Actually Means Something

In an era filled with unlimited respawns and checkpoints scattered around, it really doesn’t make a huge difference if someone dies in a video game. There are usually very limited consequences so more often than not, it allows players to approach a more careless style of game play.   If you are like me and grew up … Read more

Until Dawn – Part 1 Gameplay HD

Until Dawn is now heading to the PlayStation 4. According to Sony, this game will “reinvent” horror. Earlier today, Sony revealed a new trailer for the game but they have yet give a release date. The good news is, we just receive the first walkthrough for the game which you can find down below. Hope you enjoy … Read more

Until Dawn announcement trailer

It seems that those teasers  were for Until Dawn, a PlayStation horror game exclusive,  has now release a announcement trailer for the PS4. The Until Dawn announcement trailer shows eight teenage friends near a cabin in the woods in the mountains. As expected, there is a masked killer on the loose and the teens need to … Read more

Sony teases video game for GamesCom 2014

It seems that Sony is teasing a game for GamesCom 2014. The video is only a few seconds long and does not show much of anything. The video simply shows a axe hitting a tree stump and what looks like ice cracking. The video gives off a horror vibe to it but the games title … Read more

2013: PS3 Exclusives List

This is the 2013 PS3 exclusives list, which will be updated periodically. If any titles have been missed, please let us know in the comments below. Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Publisher: Tecmo KOEI Developer: Gust Release Date: March 5 2013 (NA), March 8 2013 (EU), June 28 2012 (JP) Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk is … Read more

Sony Announces New PS Move Horror Title – Until Dawn

 At its pre-Gamescom conference, Sony announced Until Dawn, a new PS Move horror title. The game contains seven main characters and has been developed by Super massive Games. The game follows seven different characters in the story and their developing relationship in the backdrop of an attack by a horrific evil. The setting is in … Read more