Rockstar Trolls Players Who Complained About The Red Dead Online Economy

Hot off the back of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games launched the beta of Red Dead Online, the online multiplayer version of the game. Unfortunately, Online received a lot of backlash from fans who dubbed the game a “cash-grab” from Rockstar. Before the game’s most recent update, fans were sinking hundreds of hours into … Read more

Here’s What Happens When Trolls Play Video Games #2

GamingVid has once again provided us with a glorious compilation video filled to the brim with hilarious snippets of trolls at their best. There seem to be no limits to their cruelly humorous imagination, and to be honest, I’m thankful for it. GamingVid’s previous videos literally had me on the floor rolling with laughter, but … Read more

Watch What Happens When Trolls Play Video Games

One of the most common complaints from gamers is about other gamers trolling them during play. If there is a game that exists with an online multiplayer component, you can be damn sure there will be trolls abusing its mechanics to make other gamers lives a misery. However, when we are not the ones being … Read more

GTA V – Sorry PC Gamers!

Another hilarious GTA V meme based around the fact that the game is only available on console and the indifference shown by Rockstar to the PC gaming community as they’re yet to announce a PC version of the same. The fact still remains that it’s made more than a billion so far and has sold … Read more

Destiny uses Clever Design to Punish Trolls

One of the most annoying experiences of online gaming, dealing with trolls. Bungie, the creator of Destiny has informed us that they will minimize trolls by tweaking the game design. The Technical Director of Bungie, Chris Butcher was in a recent interview with Edge where he discussed the common online gaming behaviors of trolls and … Read more