A graph showing the peak of Steam

Coronavirus Means A Record-Breaking Number of Gamers Are On Steam

This Monday, Steam logged over 20 million gamers online, smashing through its previous number record. Well, what else are we meant to do whilst we’re all stuck at home because of coronavirus, other than play video games? The popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam over the last four months has certainly had an impact … Read more

2D Top Down Pixelated Game

Last Chance to Get Jerking Off Simulator with 10% Off!

Yes, the game you’ve had on your wishlist for so long is now ten percent cheaper! Jerking Off In Class Simulator, if you didn’t already know, is a 2D pixelated game that does exactly what you’d expect from its title. It’s a mature game for players aged 18 or over, so younger eyes, please enjoy … Read more

Rise to Ruins Dev Gives Patrons Back Two Times The Amount Anyone Has Donated

The owner of Indie development company SixtyGig Games, Raymond Doerr, has made a surprising announcement to those who’ve donated to his Patreon, and it’s something that more developers should consider. Doerr, creator of successful Steam game Rise To Ruins, shared a statement on the game’s Steam page, saying: “Rise to Ruins easily sustains my livelihood and … Read more

Metro Exodus Devs Respond To Employee’s Rant At Exclusivity Backlash

Metro Exodus hasn’t even been released and yet it’s already one of the most controversial games we’ve seen in a while. The game was pulled from the Steam store in favour of the Epic Games Store in a sudden move that left Steam players really p*ssed off. As people took to review-bombing Steam’s other Metro … Read more