Third Sonic Movie Already In Production With A TV Series To Follow

In a turn of events that seemed absolutely unthinkable even three years ago, Sonic The Hedgehog is officially getting a third movie as well as a Paramount+ TV series. “We are delighted to announce that the third Sonic theatrical film and the first live action Sonic series for Paramount+ are being actively developed. We’ve got … Read more

Boss Of Sonic Team Wants To Remake The Classic ‘Sonic Adventure’

The SEGA Dreamcast enjoyed a brief but memorable life, cut short thanks to the emerging gaming console technology of the late 1990s/early 2000s. Despite only being available for three years and not really winning favour with many gamers of the time, the Dreamcast is an absolute cult icon in the community, introducing a whole new … Read more

Sega fires shot at Nintendo and encourages fans to keep posting Sonic things

Fan-made inspirations are most of the time, well, inspiring. Fans of long-time franchises such as the ones created by the giants of Nintendo and Sega sometimes outlast their novelty or function and become fully fledged creations in their own right (think Brutal Doom etc.) With regards to Sega in particular, many Sonic fans have created … Read more

A new Sonic PS4 game in development for 2015

UPDATE: 4/2/2014: Sega has confirmed that the report of new Sonic PS4 game is incorrect. A spokesperson of Sega said to Eurogamer – “Sega is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series. The recent information coming out of Nuremburg … Read more