New SOMA Trailer “Dives Deep into The Darkness”

A brand new trailer for the horror title SOMA has been released. This trailer reveals something quite big about the game that has been in secret since the announcement. Watch the trailer and learn the deep dark secret that surround the horror game. With the trailer, we learn that SOMA is actually set underwater. Somewhere … Read more

Amnesia Developers Release New SOMA Trailer

Frictional Games, well known for their horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has released a brand new trailer for their new upcoming horror title┬áSOMA. The upcoming game is a bit of a mystery though we know it’s a science fictional survival horror title. Today the trailer shows off a bit of the scenery and tone … Read more

SOMA Debut Trailer Announced 2015 Release

SOMA, the latest from Frictional Games, makers of Amnesia: The Dark Decent and the Penumbra series, has its first trailer. Previously, the company released two teasers – Mockingbird and Vivarium – but both were live action shorts giving us some idea of where this new game is going to take us. The new trailer shows … Read more