Sony Hiring after Layoffs; Insider Reason for Developer Downsizing

It is no secret that Sony has been going through some kind of company restructuring lately, where they have been cutting off employees from several studios. There have been multiple layoffs that have hit a couple studios such as Santa Monica, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCEE London Studio. Not only is there layoffs, but they … Read more

DriveClub making Progress and Launch Date “in the weeks to come”

Many have been wondering what happened to the DriveClub title that was supposed to be released alongside the PS4 last year. Recent reports show that DriveClub is doing a lot better than before, and Evolution Studios is moving forward regardless of the recent layoffs. News spread like wildfire and many have wondered what will happen … Read more

PS4 will be Playable at Gamescom

Gamescom is only one week away, and Sony has confirmed that attendees will be able to get hands-on with the next-gen console. Recent rumors have indicated that the PS4 would not be playable to the general public during the important event. Turns out that retailers were apparently told that the console would not be hands … Read more

Sony will stay updated by holding quarterly Indie Developer Events

Sony has just recently announced that they want to stay connected with their indie developers, so they will be holding quarterly indie developer get-togethers where they will stay updated throughout the community. These events will be hosted by Sony offices located in London, where the developers will get a chance to hear about upcoming updates, … Read more

Sony Clarifies how long the PS4 will Regularly Record Gameplay

Earlier this month, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s R&D group Neil Brown stated that the PS4 will be able to automatically record the last “several minutes” of gameplay, due to its dedicated hardware encoder. The statement created a bit of confusion for many, because it wasn’t clear on exactly how many minutes would be … Read more

Sony – Expect “Many cool things” at Gamescom

Sony stole the show at E3 when they announced their PS4 at the press conference, winning the hearts of many gamers. They have been very informative on their upcoming console, but we have a very good feeling that they are hiding the best news for last. Sony is attending Gamescom next month, which is pretty … Read more

Brand new PS4 game download details revealed

Sony’s R&D Senior Team Leader Neil Brown has confirmed through the UK Official PlayStation magazine website that PS4 users will be able to download their digital games on to any other PS4. As long as the users are logged into their account, they have “a digital [game] library, a practical option in the real world” … Read more