Sony Announces Discounts for Holiday Sale Week 3

Some believe that the best special offers and discounts are always announced for Black Friday – but this is not entirely true. The BF is only the first day of the holiday shopping season, which goes on until Christmas. After two awesome weeks of the Holiday Sale on the PlayStation Store, Sony starts the a … Read more

Xbox One Hits 5M Units PS4 Surpasses 9M

Microsoft’s VP Phil Harrison spoke with Edge about the Xbox One. During the interview, Phil Harrison noted that the Xbox One console has hit over 5 million units sold. However, the Sony PlayStation 4 console maintains the lead. The interview revealed that the Microsoft Xbox One console has sold over 5 million units worldwide. This … Read more

Sony PS4 Europe Demand Causing Console Shortages

The PlayStation 4 may have started to clam down in some parts of the world. You might not be struggling to find a PS4 to purchase where you’re located but within Europe, that’s a different story. Turns out that Sony is still struggling to keep up with the demand and markets are finding consoles sold … Read more

IDC expects PS4 Will Rule The Market By 2016

International Data Corporation (IDC) believes that Sony will dominate the console market by 2016. The research firm based its statements on the sale statistics of the Sony’s latest reveal PS4 in comparison to others. PS4 already covers majority of the market with a global sale of 51 million units. The firm also expects Xbox One … Read more

PlayStation 4 Sales Surpass 7 Million

A recent press release from Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 sales have passed over seven million! Gamers really enjoy the PlayStation 4 console as the latest numbers showcase sales over seven million with 20.5 million games being sold for the console since its launch in November of 2013. After-all, we’ve seen several retailers … Read more

PS4 Sales goes up 106% due to Launch of InFamous: Second Son

In the UK, the launch of Infamous: Second Son was able to give Sony a huge push in PS4 sales. A retail source claims the sale of PS4’s has went up 106 percent just last week when their exclusive title Infamous: Second Son was released for the next-gen console, shooting it straight to number 1. … Read more

PS4 Sales Goes Up 74% during TitanFall’s UK Launch Week

Reports have shown that the Xbox One exclusive TitanFall has been increasing sales on Microsoft’s next gen console. MCV UK Editor Christopher Dring was the one who did the studies and cited “retail sources” to go along with his reports. He explains that sales of the PS4 has went up 74% just last week. The … Read more