Five Unannounced Titles Coming From Ubisoft Toronto

Recent interview through The Star with Ubisoft Toronto president Jay Ramond, has revealed that the studio contains five games in development that has yet to be announced. What these games are is really anyone’s guess at this point. The Star interviewed Jay Ramond who revealed that the studio is quite busy working on five titles … Read more

Did Gaikai Accidentally Reveal PlayStation Now Rental Prices?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about Sony’s upcoming service PlayStation Now. Originally known as Gaikai, Sony quickly picked up the service labeled it PlayStation Now. The subscription service would allow several Sony consoles and devices to connect online and access select video game titles to play right online through streaming on the cloud. Today, Gaikai … Read more

New Metal Gear Sold 5: Ground Zeroes Screenshots Released

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes received brand new screenshots showing off a key character from the original Liquid Snake. Coming packed exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4, the upcoming Metal Solid title will have a Deja Vu bonus mission. Within this new mission, players will get tossed back into the days of the original Metal … Read more