Data miners Find Vehicles & Properties Coming To Red Dead Online

It has not even been a week and data miners have already discovered possible massive piece of info that could be coming to Red Dead Online. Rockstar INTEL reckon that they have found code in the games files that suggests that new vehicles and properties will be able to be bought and sold in Red … Read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug lets players make $18,000 an hour

If you have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the past few days you will know how hard money is to come by. Selling all those pocket watches and other looted trinkets doesn’t make you a whole host of money, that’s for sure! What you really want to find is Gold bars, these bad … Read more

Shocking Details About Next Red Dead Game Uncovered

Rockstar Games is being the ultimate tease since a couple of days and has revealed two teasers leading upto a new Red Dead videogame announcement, which will either be a prequel or sequel to its blockbuster hit Red Dead Redemption. Fraghero was first to report earlier this year that a brand new Red Dead game … Read more