Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug lets players make $18,000 an hour

If you have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for the past few days you will know how hard money is to come by. Selling all those pocket watches and other looted trinkets doesn’t make you a whole host of money, that’s for sure!

What you really want to find is Gold bars, these bad boys are worth $500 each and that will let you upgrade a whole host of elements of your camp and still have some left over for a haircut.

This Glitch is likely to be patched very soon so if you want to make some quick money to help get your campsite set up real nice then you might want to take some notes. Players have discovered that if you go to the burnt out sheriff’s office in Limpany, north of Flatneck Station there is a box under the desk there. In there you can find a gold bar.

Don’t just pick up the bar though make sure that you have a save before you do the glitch as well as a couple of other saves.

These saves include one as you bend down to pick up the gold bar. Then lead the save you created and go back to where you found the gold bar and you will be able to repeatedly pick up the same gold bar. Players have claimed to have been able to pick up the same gold bar 30 times in one save file. That’s a lot of gold!

Either way now you know how to do it and if you fancy yourself some new outfits or a top of the range horse you can get yourself one.

This is the first money making glitch to be found but I am sure there will be more soon so keep your eyes peeled for other glitches that can make you some serious money.

This glitch has also been tested on other gold bars and hasn’t worked so it is believed that this glitch is only able to be performed on this gold bar.

Happy money making!