Quantic Dream profited from PS4 development techniques

Whatever we have seen of Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls till now have been amazing. Such visual fidelity and graphics have never been seen before on the PS3. The reason cited for such level of graphics that the game achieved is that Quantic Dream had the good fortune of working with PS4 developmental hardware … Read more

Quantic Dream talks about PS4

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the CEO of Quantic Dream has said in a statement that the PS4 will be at the same level with the PC for atleast the next two years. He indicated that the evolutionary characters of the PS4 from the PS3 will be noticeable to a large extent. He said,“We are already seeing … Read more

PS4 is “really surprising”, “it’s another world”

During an  interview with creative director of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream, he suggested that the different between the PS3 an the PS4 will be delicate. Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming project exclusively for the PS3. The visualize for this title is full capabilities with the PS3 and not a next-gen(PS4) upgrade. The project is been noticing that it’s in development for both PS3 … Read more

Quantic Dream’s Beyond confirmed, first screens

Quantic Dream’s to announced a brand new IP during Sony’s E3 press conference which’ll take place later today and it’s to be called Beyond. A website has the first screenshots of the game, and the main character’s voice acting will be done by Ellen Page. You can check the screens over here.

Quantic Dream’s Kara – Behind the Scenes Video

Quantic’s Dream Kara took the PlayStation 3 tech to another level and the studio’s now released a behind-the-scenes video showing you how it was all done. Introudcing you to the real-life Kara the video is a must-watch for everyone. Do you think she’s cute? Check the video out below.