Lil Yachty Goes In On His Fortnite Haters With Scathing Clapback

Lil Yachty silenced his Fortnite haters with a clapback that is scathing enough to silence even the loudest of trolls. As you can see from this stream, Lil Yachty was being pretty badly burnt by his Twitch viewers. After a sudden death, one viewer said: “Lmao, you’re trash” while another added: “Lemme carry u”. Lil Yachty replied: “I … Read more

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Fortnite Earned Five Times the Money PUBG has on iOS

PUBG and Fortnite were both released onto mobile in March with PUBG only just gaining monetisation on the platform. The information gathered by SensorTower shows the staggering amount more that Fortnite has made in comparison to PUBG. Bare in mind that this is on iOS only. The first week of monetisation for both games is … Read more