Scorpio dev kit video leaked and it is mind blowing

Microsoft’s project Scorpio has been the subject of much speculation amongst gamers and hardware enthusiasts, but little concrete information has been released regarding its specifications and features. Recently an editor at Microsoft focused publication Windows Central, JezCorden, leaked an actual video that focuses on the fully programmable front panel. He demonstrates it’s use by working … Read more

Trusted Journalist Claims Xbox Scorpio Might Get Displayed Next Week

Yep, you read that right. The next wave of information about Microsoft’s Project Scorpio could be released within the week. According to trusted source Jez Corden, Senior Editor for Xbox at, Microsoft will release more information to the public about their newest console before E3, and maybe even before this Saturday. This is huge … Read more

Here’s How To Get an Xbox Scorpio For Way Cheaper Than You Think

Microsoft’s next big console, “Project Scorpio,” was revealed just under a month ago. It’s meant to be the most powerful console ever built, unless Sony’s Project Taurus can has anything to say about that. Y’know, because Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio? Anyway, if you’re wondering just how you might get your hands on the Scorpio come … Read more